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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the more popular therapies used in the mental health field today. Therapists help clients identify their irrational thoughts so that they can replace those with healthier, more rational ones. Unfortunately this therapy is not always successful and scientists have discovered a possible reason why. Researchers have noticed that the heart sends messages to the brain between every heartbeat.

It has been believed that the brain tells the heart what to do, but now they are finding that perhaps it is the other way around.

If that is true, a broken heart can greatly cripple the mind from thinking rationally no matter how hard an individual tries to train it to think positive thoughts. In consideration of this new information, we can work with clients to identify those experiences that have wounded their hearts. As we address those wounds using a variety of techniques to bring healing, their minds are set free to think clearly and find a new way forward to enjoy a healthier life.


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