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ArborGate Associates, Inc. is committed to providing quality counseling services to our clients. Together, as healing partners in God’s Grace we can afford clients the opportunity to experience healing and transformation to live effective, balanced lives. Working closely with schools, churches, and business organizations, we provide assessment and counseling services for individuals, couples, families, and groups.

ArborGate Associates, Inc. is a Christian counseling firm committed to providing professional counseling services to our clients. We provide both secular and Christian counseling. However, it may be important to you to know we are Christian so that you understand our values and beliefs. All of our counselors believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the basic life-giving morals communicated through God’s Word. This understanding of God’s unconditional love and active involvement in our lives gives us a Christian perspective as we work with each individual client to create a successful treatment plan.

Through family intervention, play therapy, and individual treatment, we afford children and adolescents a safe place to deal with issues such as school and behavioral problems, loss, adjustments to changes in the family, relocation of the family, or developmental difficulties.

Individual and group therapy involves interpersonal experiences in which participants have the opportunity to gain awareness, learn more about their interactions with others, and define the issues that stand in the way of a more fulfilling life.

Marital, family, and relationship therapy offers couples and family members opportunities to develop the skills necessary to confront crises, deal with life stage transitions, revise rigid patterns, and maximize opportunities for intimacy.

ArborGate Associates, Inc.

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